GamerTagged.net is the blog of Chris Cesarano, a not-really-nobody-but-only-sort-of-somebody hopping from cubicle to cubicle in an attempt to feed his gaming lifestyle. Pulling together his years of playing video games across multiple platforms and his education in web development and useability, he spends his free time as a games critic. He believes games are art, and not just the "deep and meaningful" ones. Utilizing his knowledge of usability and human-computer interaction, he tries to dig into the mechanics of video games deeper than your average reviewer.

GamerTagged is home to many of his humble ramblings, but it is far from his only home. He also writes for GamersWithJobs, produces the video series RamblePak64 and hosts the podcast The Ramblecast.

Occasionally Chris has dabbled in art and the world of online comics. His last and unfinished work was GameLandEtc.

Other Writings

Chris has written for a number of websites online, though many of the websites, or the articles themselves, no longer exist. Most of his current and most recent work can be found on Gamers Daily News or his most current home away from home, GamersWithJobs. Below are some of his personal favorite pieces from across the Internet.

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