Games don’t seem to hold their value quite like film or music or other forms of media, why is this? With the ever increasing cost of game development it’s not a good thing that a multi million dollar production can be relegated to the bargain bin in a matter of months.

It is a good game. Which is the problem, as long as you’re a fan of the franchise. Resident Evil 4 was one of the most well designed games of last generation, and Resident Evil 5 just doesn’t measure up. But hey, it’s still a good game.

2D graphics in the age of HD, an anachronism or amazing potential? More importantly will they even survive?

Wait, not seeing a game over screen in Prince of Persia was a “mistake”? Well it happens to be one of my favorite mistakes ever!

While Turok was certainly not a great game, there are a lot of excellent design ideas that met with mixed execution. Chris analyzes these ideas and evaluates which ones worked well and which could be done better in the future.

I wonder what would happen when you combine Harvest Moon and Fallout 3? Other than giant mutant turnip roaches that want to eat your face off, I mean.

Scott Jones of Crispy Gamer has made claims that Resident Evil 5 is chock full of racism. Do these allegations stand up to the defense of logic and smart thinking? Short answer: no.

Buggy games and poor design choices are forgiven all the time for popular franchises and favored development studios. So how come when a game tries to be innovative and actually deliver a new game experience, they are punished for not sticking to all the same conventions that make so many games stale?

After the announcement of yet another on-rails shooter for the Nintendo Wii, one has to wonder if developers are even trying anymore.

Despite a great start for the franchise over ten years ago, it has fallen into some rather troublesome writing and story telling. But at least the combat is fun!

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