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We all value replayability, but do we ever get a chance to make use of it?

Chris doesn’t sit around playing nothing but video games all day. Every once in a while he likes to watch television, and there are few shows capable of capturing his interest like Chuck.

VG Cats artist Scott Ramsoomair may feel that games going mainstream is unfair, but it’s not like we couldn’t have seen this coming. The best thing to do is what all media buffs do: get over it.

Developer Renegade Kid manages to use the limited resources of the DS available to make a pretty fun, albeit short, first person shooter.

Chris will be presenting a panel at RIT’s Tora-Con this year, and possibly a table in the artist’s alley as well.


In a tribute to the old arcade slashers of old, The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai brings the genre back from the dead with this Hot Topic style game of hacking, slashing, cyborgs and samurai.

Lost in the shuffle of all the titles released in 2008, Viking: Battle For Asgard actually turned out to be quite the pleasant surprise. Too bad it found its way into the bargain bin too quickly for anyone to take notice.

Sure, on the surface Gears of War seems like a man’s testosterone charged fantasy, but in truth it’s all about fear and desperation, right? Isn’t it? ...isn’t it?

Games don’t seem to hold their value quite like film or music or other forms of media, why is this? With the ever increasing cost of game development it’s not a good thing that a multi million dollar production can be relegated to the bargain bin in a matter of months.

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