While GamerTagged primarily seeks to cater to audiences of folks that already game, there is a second purpose to provide a section for non-gamers to understand and introduce them to this world of entertainment. All of these articles are labeled under the “Parents” section, as it is usually parents that need help understanding this foreign electronic medium.

Gaming 101 is about providing introductory games to those jumping into the gaming culture.

Chris takes a look at The Legend of Zelda’s game engine, and how problematic it is for hobbyist gamers and newcomers alike.

Critically acclaimed game of 2008, and praised as being Game of the Year across many publications, and yet no other game crashes quite like Fallout 3. Chris takes some time to tear everyone’s favorite Bethesda sequel to shreds.

This terrain manipulating game provides plenty of interesting weapons and some clever level design, but also has quite a few frustratingly bad qualities. But do they ruin the entire game or are they tolerable?

Chris Cesarano looks into Peter Molyneux’s claims of “unconditional love” in Fable 2, and just where it is that he falls short.

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