imageI recently discussed Destiny’s House of Wolves expansion. Within, I laid the foundation of my belief that Bungie cannot impact the game’s world with a major story event without somehow disrupting the game experience for new and lower-level players. I asserted that, as fun as Destiny can be, its story can never deliver anything truly impactful.

Well, turns out I was full of shit. The new Taken King expansion is going to, in fact, make changes to the single player campaign. Beyond the replacement of Peter Dinklage’s voice work, that is.

This is typically why I don’t go making predictions about what a gaming company will or will not do. Often there’s either some solution I’m not seeing, some option that I’m not considering, or I was completely wrong about what is and isn’t possible.

Now, we’ll certainly see what level of changes are made overall. I personally am looking forward to progressing through the story a second time, as unusual as I’m sure it is to hear someone say that. I want to see how they change, and perhaps even improve, upon the game’s already existing narrative.

There is, however, a downside.

I had been working on the script to my next RamblePak video. Within it, I was going to compare Destiny’s Tower to Splatoon’s Inkopolis; how the two hub worlds served similar purposes and met those challenges in different ways. A major crux of this comparison was Destiny’s failure to truly capitalize on the Tower to provide additional narrative content.

Considering how my last set of predictions went, I decided to step away from this angle of analysis.

I may one day do a video on Destiny, but for the time being I will not be doing such an analysis due to the constantly evolving nature of the game and the amount of time it takes for me to complete a video.

Note that this is the second time a planned video has fallen from beneath me. I originally wanted my next project to be an analysis of Toren, but without an HDMI splitter I will be unable to record from my Playstation 4. There are potential workarounds, but for the time being I’ll settle on working on a video for Splatoon since I already have the necessary footage. Expect that some time in September, assuming things go well.

Next time I’ll be a bit more careful with my criticisms for games that promise to continue updating and evolving.


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