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Apologies for missing a week. Steve ended up getting sick last week and as I was waist deep in editing my Toren video I just couldn’t be bothered to find a last-minute replacement guest or topic.

I’ve discussed romance in games before, but Steve had some new insights that I think made it worth revisiting. In hindsight, it might have been valuable to have researched with games such as dating sims before discussing this topic. We talk about what we’d like out of a Bioware game, but perhaps part of the solution is to go to the genre built on the idea of having dates and other such activities dedicated to romance and character building. Maybe one day we’ll revisit the topic.

If you have any thoughts on romance in games, feel free to share them in the comments below, comment on the Facebook page or e-mail ramblepak64 at gmail dot com.

Opening theme music by my buddy Brandon, a.k.a. Fallen Prophecy.


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