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So while the schedule is still in flux, we’ve successfully recorded a new episode of the podcast. We are aiming to record every other week, but the episode may not be going live on the same day. It all depends on my schedule, which is fluctuating again. Still, you can expect a new episode roughly every other week, even if it’s plus or minus a few days.

As for Nier: Automata, we both clearly really liked it, but it’s also really hard to pull all our thoughts together in just a single conversation. It’s definitely a game that rewards additional playthroughs, and on top of a blog post coming within the next week or two, you can also expect me to put together an episode of RamblePak64 on it. There’s a lot to be said on themes within the game, as well as research to reveal little factoids such as Steve’s bomb drop regarding the character of Pascal.

If you have any thoughts on Nier: Automata, feel free to share them in the comments below, comment on the Facebook page or e-mail ramblepak64 at gmail dot com.

Opening theme music by my buddy Brandon, a.k.a. Fallen Prophecy.


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