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We forgot to mention Death Stranding in this discussion, which seems like the current exemplary piece of hype around. The game had a trailer before it even had part of an engine. In fact, I’m still not sure a single line of code had been written for the engine. The first thing Kojima’s new studio did was put together a trailer. When you consider how vastly some games transform – see early concept art for Bioshock or the first trailer for Dark Sector in comparison to what actually released – then one can only wonder what will happen if Kojima needs to begin drastically changing the project.

Fans are something that should be established after something has released, but trailers are starting to become a form of fan-service themselves. Be it for games or film, the marketing department is doing less advertising and more elbow nudging to try and convince the audiences that this stuff is worth being jazzed up about. Ultimately, this either fails to advertise the product or reveals how shallow the corporate marketing team is. You can only hope that every team involved in the actual creative process aren’t so shallow.

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