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So Iron Fist hit Netflix and failed to live up to the lofty standards set forth by the shows that came before it. On one hand I’d like to be merciful to the show, but on the other I see no real reason to be kind. Steve and I were both a bit let down by it, though at this point that’s nothing new for me. Western television in general seems to cling so desperately onto cliffhangers and recycled storylines as opposed to telling cohesive narratives. Not that comic books are any better, as both mediums are dedicated to lasting as long as possible with an audience that tends to resist drastic change. The world must be shaken, and yet not too harshly or else the audience will become frightened.

While I’ve grown less impressed with Game of Thrones as a book series as well as television show, hopefully such a narrative will help audiences learn to embrace change and, more importantly, a story with a planned conclusion. It went unstated in the podcast, but the greatest concern with everything Marvel right now is how far they’ll take it. At some point I’ve lost interest in just about every long-running show or storyline, and there’s only so much of Daredevil I think I’ll be able to stand before I just give up altogether.

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