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Apologies for the late arrival of this episode. The holidays and ensuing rush back to work have given me little chance to sit down and properly edit a long one like this. Similarly, apologies for the episode quality. Not just in the audio department, but also in my efforts to make things a bit different. I figured a run down of everything that released would give us a chance to at least consider what we missed and give everything an opportunity to shine, but it turned out there was just too much and it was little more than a checklist.

That said, I don’t think it’s an awful show. I think Steve and I are really enjoying sharing a room, and while it may not be the most professional recording set-up I’d like to think those who listen can feel some of the more cheerful emotion in us through our voices.

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Opening theme music by my buddy Brandon, a.k.a. Fallen Prophecy.


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