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Maybe one of these days our podcast will be organized enough that we better prepare what, precisely, we’ll be discussing. Nevertheless, I’ve been wanting to have a nostalgic look back at these systems for a while now, and even this discussion seems too little for the era. What is most surprising, however, is how much I missed out on despite having been age appropriate to enjoy nearly all of it. There’s no reason I couldn’t have grabbed Silent Hill 2 or TimeSplitters as some of my earliest games on the system, and yet I did not.

I don’t know if the next immediate episode will cover the remaining years, but I know those were some of the most significant gaming years of my life.

What did you think of this gaming period in 2000-2003? Where were you in your life? How about between 2003-2005? Please leave us comments below, comment on the Facebook page or e-mail ramblepak64 at gmail dot com with your thoughts on these years, and maybe we’ll read them on the show.

Opening theme music by my buddy Brandon, a.k.a. Fallen Prophecy.


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