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E3 is over and out, and Gerry, Sean and I are at the ready with our personal highlights of E3. There’s still so much that could have been discussed, but in our usual fashion we wanted to make sure there was no filler and instead hunkered down and picked just a handful of items to discuss per presentation. In the end, there’s a lot to look forward to.

We also had a special guest on, Lani, the PR Director of TooManyGames. If you’re in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area, or near enough, then stop on by Saturday, June 27th for what is sure to be an enjoyable show. I’ll be helping to represent Extra Life and will also be hosting a panel at 3:10pm about games writing.

You can follow more of Gerry’s work at his Geek Bravado blog or by visiting his YouTube channel.

You can find archives of our commentary streaming the press conferences in this handy dandy playlist.

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