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This week’s episode is a bit of a different treat. A year ago I had an interview with Brjann Sigurgeirsson of Image & Form Games, the developers of Steamworld Dig and upcoming Steamworld Heist. The intent was to turn their story of the game’s development, and the development of games previous, into a feature for GamersWithJobs. What I discovered was, for as much hard work and effort I put into making such a piece work, I discovered that there’s a very stark contrast between what I find to be fascinating information and what other people want to read.

Over time we had to bury that piece in the back yard, but I still felt like there was a lot of good information in there. So with permission from Brjann and the folks at GamersWithJobs, I have chosen to release the audio from the interview as part of my podcast. I really did enjoy my discussion with Brjann, and I also greatly enjoyed the research I had done before speaking with him, enriching the conversation I think. So I’d love to continue speaking him him and other developers, but I don’t plan on doing the usual method of writing features. What will I do? Well, not completely certain yet. I have ideas, but it has been a struggle getting them off of the ground.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy the interview and find out something interesting.

Be sure to check out the Image & Form website for more information on their upcoming game Steamworld Heist, or to check out past games like Steamworld Dig and Anthill.

Also be sure to check out Steam Powered Giraffe, who wrote and performed the song Prepare for Boarding used in this podcast and as part of the upcoming game Steamworld Heist.

Read my original write-up on Steamworld Dig, Diggin’ Deep.

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