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This week I am joined by Erik, Gerry, and Rika to discuss how controversies like GamerGate result in a level of toxicity that drives more neutral or calm voices away or, worse, to anger. We cover a lot of ground in this episode, but in the end we’re all united in the desire to treat other people as human beings and individuals. This is what seems to get lost in the shuffle as everyone is busy trying to make the world a better place, shouting over Twitter as if it’s a battlefield. Their aim is for an indistinct human shaped blob in the distance, and with a scream of “Filthy Gater!” or “Damned SJW” they fire their weapons. It can all be very frustrating for those that just want to sit down, talk, and figure things out in a manner that everyone can be satisfied.

I have a brand new microphone, but it seems like some experimentation and adjustment is still required. I had to do a lot of editing work this episode, and if you hear a buzzing when I’m speaking, well, that’s part of what I’m hoping to fix in the future.

You can read Gerry’s blog at Geek Bravado and check out his YouTube series Retro Flashback.

You can follow Rika’s blog at Rika Confesses.

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