After two months of effort I have completed the first entry in my new video series. I introduce to you RamblePak64.

It is a lesson I learn repeatedly, but it is a good one to constantly be reminded of. Even a terrible product can have a lot of hard work and effort put into it. While I do not think the video I made is terrible, it is flawed in many ways. The technical aspects of it are an easy fix, such as wearing the microphone headset properly next time or rendering the video at the same frame rate that I captured the footage in.

Yet the argument itself seems flawed to me. It is obvious I wrote the script in a single draft, and while I made a few edits here and there while recording, it didn’t give me the chance to see all the large problems. My argument is not properly structured to support the thesis. I promise to return to a point that I forget all about. Most of all, I open up the opportunity to destroy my credibility with a poorly written conclusion.

Aside from “delightful feeling hooks” being one of the worst things I’ve ever spoken, let alone written, the very statement “games aren’t supposed to be immersive” is the sort that gets crowds on the Internet fully of fury and fire.

On the plus side, embellishing on my meaning would make for an excellent episode, giving me another idea to jot down for a future date.

I learned many lessons with this first experiment. Don’t try too hard to be funny, always write multiple drafts before recording, render at the same frame rate you recorded, and so on. Yet the most important one to keep in mind, especially if I’m going to criticize the work of others, is to remember how much effort goes into it. It’s easy to demand that someone else respect my time as a consumer, but I should also respect the greater time they spent creating something.


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