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As the title implies, and as the short recording informs, the RambleCast will no longer be updating. It may return in some form, but for the time being it shall be one less burden upon my mind.

I’ve mentioned before that if the RambleCast didn’t land much of an audience I’d scrap it, but in truth the audience was less of a problem than the burden of a constant updating schedule. I’d rather all that time and energy go to different projects I enjoy more. In addition, an unspoken benefit will be that having to edit audio for RamblePak episode will be easier to deal with as I won’t be editing audio as often. It’s always the most tiresome, tedious, irritating part of creating a new video, and the less I have to do it the better. It will no longer be as big a dread from now on.

To those of you that enjoyed listening, I’m sorry for cutting the show short. If I find something to replace it, I’ll let you know. Thanks for listening, and I hope you continue to follow the rest of my work.

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