I've been writing for quite a few years now, and in that time I've put together some pieces I am really proud of. If you're not familiar with my work or are here to see some of my best, then this is the page to check out. I've included a variety of media here, including articles for other establishments, YouTube videos, and even podcast episodes. I believe these items stand out as my best available offerings, as well as giving a sense of my style, personality, and approach to games writing.


Idol Fantasy
Despite my enjoyment of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, I cannot help but acknowledge that it's one big pile of fan-service.

Endless Honeymoon
Wouldn't it be nice if video games continued to have an interesting romance after the characters got together?

Dress Code
Letting your geek show at the office without feeling any shame for it.

SteamWorld Heist
An analytical glimpse into the aiming mechanics of SteamWorld Heist and how it sets the game apart from other tactical RPGs.

Smashing the System
Gaming enthusiasts need to question a lot of what they believe to be "common knowledge", even in terms of basic game controls

Eyes of Opposition
A closer look at the personality of Bayonetta and how the nature of Heaven and Hell add new context to her character.

"Aeris Would Come Right Out and Say it...
A look back at Final Fantasy VII and how it played with expectations every step of the way

A special for 1994 week, I tell the story of my first time being frightened playing video games.

Draw Your Sword
I examine how the ability to unsheathe one's blade at any time in Way of the Samurai 3 developers a greater sense of player agency, freedom, and choice.

Hometown Stories
A sort of narrative review where I express my feelings towards the game Hometown Story in the form of a tale between the protagonist and the scarecrow character.

Diggin' Deep
While unemployed I found myself falling deep into the mines of Steamworld Dig, suddenly fearing the possibility of addiction during a depressing time of my life.

Ode to Blue
A short story from the perspective of Blue, the rival character in Pokemon Red/Blue. Based on the fan theory that Blue's Raticate is killed by the player on the S. S. Anne.


Bioshock: Infinite
My view that Bioshock: Infinite may be more simplified, but that provides it the opportunity to tell a more intellectual and involved story to the "bro gamer".

Jesus Christ Superstar
A quick trip into my personal beliefs, where I declare Jesus Christ Superstar to "get" the story of Christ and the crucifixion better than most films on the subject despite seeking to question whether he was truly the Son of God or not.

Mark of the Ninja
Klei Entertainment's ninja game figures out that stealth games work best when they're a carefully balanced war between empowerment and fragility.

Stranger in a Strange World
What Metroid: Other M got wrong above all other sins was making the game about Samus, rather than the world Samus happens to be intruding upon.

Dragon's Deadline
I propose that perhaps many of the critiques and complaints leveled at Dragon's Dogma were only the result of having to complete and review the game by a deadline, rather than being able to enjoy it at a more leisurely pace.

Avatar and Villainy
The film Avatar could have actually been more meaningful if they tried to make a sympathetic villain rather than a Saturday morning cartoon character.

Kid Icarus: Uprising
Perhaps the top reason I favor gaming on my 3DS rather than anywhere else, Kid Icarus: Uprising was like a reminder as to why I love video games so much

Reward or Consequence
I take a deep look into a specific mission in Mass Effect 3, identifying the potential to force a really difficult decision before chickening out on the price paid for that choice.


Silent Tutorials
My second video that still has some sound and script issues, but on the whole I was pleased with my more in-depth look into how games can teach players without verbose tutorials, but using the environment itself.

DmC (Devil May Cry)
In-depth analysis on the narrative of the new Devil May Cry reboot, and my tightest, most efficient video thus far.

Resident Evil 6 - General Gameplay
The first of a multi-part series dissecting every bit of the biggest Resident Evil yet, focusing on all the shared elements of each game.

Predator 1 & 2 Comparison
Stepping away from video games to dig into one of film's most notable monsters.


Interview with Spark Plug Games
Five years ago I sat down for my first in-person interview with a games developer at the now defunct GameX gaming expo.

Preview: Making History 2: The War of the World
At that same event at GameX I got a chance to sit down and talk with Muzzy Lane, developing a web-based strategy game called Making History 2. This is my first preview written.

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