Baccarat, Winning Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Baccarat, Winning Strategy, Tips and Tricks

Baccarat is one of the most played online casino card games worldwide with India as no exception. It has fans across the world who engage daily in online casinos to play Baccarat, generating millions of revenues for the casinos and some lucky ones generating it for themselves.

When it comes to gambling, no one wants to lose. As a result, you will find the internet full of misinformation on how you can potentially rig the game of Baccarat in your favor and win massively. However, they are lies. No one will ever give you tips that will win you money at a casino run fairly. It because those tips do not exist.

However, tips that do not guarantee you win but increase your winning probability do exist and we will list them for you below.

Know the Rules

This is very important. People who play Andar Bahar or Dragon Tiger really well often overlook the rule book of Baccarat. Their reason being the games are similar. However, Baccarat is significantly more confusing than both Andar Bahar and Dragon Tiger. It has more rules and one needs a lot of practice at the game to get around the rules.

Therefore, it is a very good idea to invest your time in learning the rules of Baccarat fist before you jump in headfirst. This will save you a lot of money in the long run.

Don’t bet on Tie

Betting on Tie at first seems like a good idea. It has a very attractive rate of return than betting on either banker or player. However, the reason experts suggest that you do not bet on a tie is that it has a house edge of around 14% and banker has about 1.6%. That means, when you bet on the banker, the house has a 1.6% chance of winning, and when you bet on a tie, the house has a 14% chance of winning.

Gambling is the game of probability and probability couldn’t be clearer on this.

Manage you Bankroll

Both the good thing and the bad thing about Baccarat is that it is very fast-paced. You are done with the bets after the 30s in most online casinos, a couple of cards here and there, and Bam! The hand is over, the dealer declares the winner as he prepares for the next round.

Therefore, in these circumstances, it can be very easy to lose sight of your bankroll. People get so deep into the game; they lose track of their own money. No, this not only happens to people with a gambling addiction but beginners can also be seen doing this.

You come to your senses after everything is lost and then only reality starts settling down leaving you with nothing but regrets.

Therefore, sit to gamble with the money you are absolutely willing to lose.

Know Table Limits

Baccarat tables have limits set on them. What table limit does is keep the players out from the table that does not qualify. This tip is more applicable in land-based casinos rather than online. In an online casino, some do have table limits but for the most part, everyone can play at the same table in live casinos.