Horse Racing Betting Options in Singapore

For years, the popularity of horse racing in Southeast Asia has constantly grown, thanks to millions of patrons turning to horse races for entertainment. Horse races only take a few minutes to conclude, so there is no wonder why many gamblers choose horse racing over other traditional sports. In addition, placing wagers in online horse racing betting Singapore is viewed by many as an ideal way to earn a few extra dollars on the side.

But even though online horse racing betting in Singapore looks easy to play, it can still be intimidating, especially for rooking gamblers. This is why learning about the basics of horse racing can be a game changer for beginners, allowing them to increase their knowledge of the industry and maximize their opportunities when placing bets.

One of the most crucial things to learn when starting horse racing betting is the different bet types that you can place your money on. The types of bets in the horse racing market are mainly categorized into two: straight and exotic.

Straight bets are usually considered the most ideal for rookie bettors as it is straightforward and does not require too much research to master. This includes:

  • Win bet – placing wagers on which horse you think will win the race
  • Place bet – placing bets on the horse which you’d think will finish in first or second place
  • Show bet – placing wagers on the horse which you’d think will finish within the top three spots

Meanwhile, exotic bets are more complex than straight bets as gamblers usually need to place bets on multiple horses in this one. This also includes the option to bet on the horse that gamblers think will win two consecutive races, similar to parlay in traditional sports betting.

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