Fairplay Club: A Comparative Study Between The Online Bookmaker And The Competition.

A brief comparison between the perks and benefits offered by FairPlay Club vs the major big playersin the industry. Learn how FairPlay Club offers the best odds and bonuses in the segment.

With online sports betting bursting into the mainstream, many newer names have started to emerge to grab a share of the market. As the pandemic continues to plague the world, many fans have found online sports betting to be one of the most profitable activities while locked inside their homes. As newer names begin to flood the industry, most of them were unprepared to cater to the sudden influx of huge online traffic. Owning to this huge pressure, many perished under this huge load due to a lack of infrastructure and expertise while only the most enduring ones were able to survive. Born out of the chaos that insinuated, FairPlay Club was able to create its spot among the greats of this industry. Established in 2020 as a direct response to the rapidly growing demand for a homegrown platform, FairPlay Club has been able to craft a stronghold in the Asian markets. The with aim of providing the best for the fans, FairPlay Club has conjured up unique betting models and promotions that are sure to catch your attention.

A fair and transparent betting model: One of the most defining factors of FairPlay Club is the unique betting model it provides to its users. Most of the competition makes the users place their bets against the house and use bots to taint their chances of winning by swinging the odds in favour of the house which drastically reduces the odds of winning the bet. Unlike the competition, FairPlay Club allows the users to place their bets against other registered users on the platform and not against the house. This keeps the bets transparent and fair giving both parties an equal shot at victory. This translates to the highest winning odds in the segment.

A cheerful bonus to avail: FairPlay Club offers some of the best bonuses in the market. New users are encouraged to join the platform with a grand 100 per cent bonus on their first deposit. However, this offer is only applicable for new users on their first deposit on FairPlay Club. Also, a robust referral system means that fans can also earn extra free credits that they can use to place their bets. Users can now win a 1 per cent bonus for every friend that they help join FairPlay Club and continue to win a 1 per cent bonus from each of their referral’s subsequent deposits ensuring a steady flow of free credits.

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